BadAxe – Springville Branch – Duck Egg



Hands down – just a fantastic stretch of trout-fishing!   Anglers regularly catch big browns and lots or them!

Trout:  Brown, Brook, Rainbow.

Average Catch:  6 – 14 inches

Upper Catch:  21 inches



The most successful casting pattern is to position yourself in the center of the river and cast toward the left bank, then the center of the river, and then to the right bank, taking a two steps forward each cast.

Spin casters are having the best luck with Mepps Aglia Gold Spinners sizes 0, 1, and 2.

*Notice:  This is public land access.  Nobody is required to pay for a trout time at this location.

As we build our platform here at TroutNow – we are asking you to consider paying the requested price as a donation to keep this platform up and running – and bringing you more great trout fishing locations and opportunities.

Have fun out there!  🙂


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